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// N I C U d i a r i e s //

I think that many people reading this probably know that we spent 9 days in the NICU with Johnny after he was born.  It was, hands down, the hardest most awful 9 days of my life. But one of the things that gave me so much encouragement during those 9 days was hearing from other mothers who had been in the NICU with their own babies.  I think it's so important for mothers to encourage and support one another, because what we do is not easy.  I think it's especially important to encourage and support mothers who are going through extra difficult circumstances.  I believe that the Lord uses the difficult circumstances in our lives to help those around us. And I know that the Lord will and already has used our experience in the NICU with Johnny to encourage other mothers going through similar things. 

So with all these things in mind I am looking for mothers who have been the NICU, or special care untis, or had other hospitalizations with their babies to share their stories.  Not to relive or focus on hard times, but to encourage those who need encouraging, and to give a new perspective to those who have not had a child with health issues. I know that when Alex and I look back now on our NICU stay we are a little sad about everything Johnny has had to go through, but more than that we so thankful for the care he has received and so overjoyed at how well he is doing now! 

If you or someone you know is interested in sharing their story drop me a line:


Juliet came into the world like a firecracker, despite everyone's best efforts to stop her.  I feel like our NICU journey starts at the moment we found out I was pregnant, although we would have never imagined this would be our story. 

She is literally a miracle from conception (as all babies are). My first pregnancy had been a breeze. I felt amazing and had none of the normal pregnancy induced side effects like morning sickness.  In December 2012 after an easy labor and delivery I gave birth to a 41 week, 8lb 3oz clone of my husband, Jaslyn Jean. We were smitten.  Since I was exclusively breast feeding, I chose to use a Paragaurd IUD as birth control.  My plan was to leave it in until Jaslyn was about 18 months old and then we would try for baby #2.  

Fast forward to October 2013.  Jaslyn was 10 months old and I was working full time and finishing my doctorate in nursing.  I was unnaturally tired and just generally felt poorly, but I had a new baby and crazy stress and responsibilities, so I wasn't concerned. read more

// C A I L A 'S S T O R Y //

The story of Levi's delivery is pretty uneventful, especially in a blog series about the NICU, so I'll make the first part brief. I didn't know I was in labor until I went to my OB for my regular check-up and she informed me that I was 5 cm dilated. It was 11 days before  my due date, so I was surprised but relieved because the doctors were predicting that Levi would be 10+ pounds. My OB told me that I had time to drive home and get my bag (which was packed, thank God!) and pick up my husband, Dave, from work. If Dave were telling this story, he'd be sure to mention that I was doing household chores and stopping for coffee before we went in to Labor and Delivery. I was not going to labor with a caffeine headache! Once we got to the hospital, we watched How I Met Your Mother and Arrested Development on Netflix and my friend Elizabeth came over to bring us food and moral support. I distinctly remember thinking that labor was boring, until, of course, it stopped being more


I had an easy pregnancy, with no complications at all, and went into labor on my own on the morning of Holy Saturday, 2013.  I had planned to have a VBAC because I missed the first hour or so of my older daughter’s life while in recovery after the c-section.  With my firstborn, I had to be put under general anesthesia for the section, so I didn’t see her right away.  My husband had already taken pictures and texted them to family before I saw her face.  Not wanting to miss a moment of my son’s birth, I prepared for a VBAC, and I got an epidural early on (I had tried to go all natural with my first), so I wouldn’t have to go under general anesthesia a second more


// S H A N N O N 'S S T O R Y //

One of the many reasons my husband and I chose the hospital we did for our baby’s birth was because it has a Level III NICU that is considered one of the best in the country, but we certainly never expected to need it.   When our son EJ was born at 30 weeks gestation weighing 2 pounds and 7 ounces, we could not have been more grateful for it. 
EJ’s premature birth came as a complete shock.  My pregnancy had been going very smoothly, and my doctor described it as ideal as recently as one week before EJ’s more


// A M A N D A 'S S T O R Y //

Most pregnant women spend a lot of time preparing for the birth of their baby. They read books. They attend childbirth classes. They practice breathing. They watch birthing videos. They envision healthy deliveries. They write birth plans. They decide whether they will medicate, or breastfeed, or circumcise. But that is the extent. Most women don’t plan for a NICU journey. How could they? It’s difficult to prepare for something you can’t imagine. And, unless you’ve been through it, you could never imagine… read more



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