Welcome to The Hearts Overflow.

I'm Anna. A protestant-turned-Catholic, wife, mother, homemaker, crafter, musician, gardener, coffee lover, wine lover, ice cream lover, and I should probably stop there because there are lots of food that I love.

I've been married to Alex for 6 years. We met working in a bakery together.  He managed that bakery for 8 years, and now he's going to back to school to be a Physician Assistant. Grad school has been hard on both of us, but I know it's where he's supposed to be.

We have two children. Johnny and Trixie.

We had to go through one miscarriage and two years of infertility before Johnny came to us. That experience has only affirmed my belief that children are a blessing, and that I can plan all I want, but "unless the Lord builds the house" I labor in vain.

Johnny was born with several birth defects that put us through 3 hospital stays and  4 surgeries. He's doing well now. His only lasting health need is the hearing loss he was born with. The challenge we're currently facing is his delayed speech development.  But he is a fun loving and very clever boy. He loves to help with the laundry and baking projects. His favorite food is cantaloupe. And if he could have it his way, he would wear pajamas all the time.

Trixie joined us this past fall.  We were beyond thankful that we didn't have to wait as long for her, and that her birth was a lot less complicated. She sleeps way better than her big brother did. She has my dimpled chin. And she saves her biggest smiles for her papa.

I started this blog after Johnny was born when, all of a sudden, my world became very small. I needed to feel like I was doing more than changing diapers and nursing all day long. I needed to connect with people. I needed to know there were other people out there feeling the way I felt as a new and exhausted mother. Blogging made all of those things possible.

So here I am two years later, writing about toddler tantrums, what I'm watching on Netflix, and how being postpartum stinks. Knitting projects, garden updates, and my obsession with Trader Joe's are fatured frequently as well. This is where I share the joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures of life as mother.  This is where the things of my heart make it out into the world.

If you need encouragement, community, or just to know you are not alone in the trenches of motherhood, I hope you can find that here.

Thank you so much for being a part of this.


  1. Lovely! Children are beautiful.

  2. I just read your devotional today from Blessed is She and as a momma of a child with hearing aids I instantly could relate to your story. Popped over to check out your blog!

  3. Anna, I love your blog so much! Your conversion story is beautiful. There's a lot about the Catholic faith that I admire. P.S. I'm Nathan's wife - I think you guys grew up going to church together. :)

  4. I truly appreciate your working guys, thumbs up!!

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