Thursday, June 23, 2016


"A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2016."

 Johnny//3 years. I can tell that Johnny has enjoyed being in preschool, because now that we are on summer break and not going, he starts each day by saying, "downstairs, outside, car." I've been trying to give him something interesting to do each day that we are at home. Usually it's just going to the park.  Johnny rode his little bike all the way to the park and back today without showing any sign of getting tired. In this picture he is wearing the medal he got for running in the Kids Fun Dash at his schools fundraiser.

Trixie//8 months. Trixie continues to be a very different baby from her big brother. If I had put Johnny down in the grass at this age he would have screamed and cried until I had picked him up. Trixie, on the other hand, wiggles her legs and and toes in the grass and plucks up blades with her chubby little fingers.


  1. Bright summer shots! Love the colors and wish for the warmth!! Beautiful. x


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