Monday, February 29, 2016

a recipe, a song, a photo, a quote.

R E C I P E: We made these spicy Asian noodles last week, and the week before. I love them! Before I had kids I stayed away from recipes that advertised themselves as being "quick and easy" because I thought good food needed to be slaved over. But now I'm all about it, and have happily found many "quick and easy" recipes that are really really tasty and have become new favorites. This dish is one of them.  The second time I made it I added broccoli and beef and it was A-O-K!

S O N G: I heard this song on a Spotify playlist (accoustic winter, or something like that). Then a few days later I heard it on The Current. Now I can't stop singing it. Sometimes we sub in Trixie's name. "Oh, oh, Trixie Belle...."

P H O T O: I feel like if I were a baby I would not like Johnny's attention.  But Trixie doesn't seem to mind his intense affection.  She actually seems to like it.

Q U O T E: From a reflection I read in the February Magnificat, by Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet:
"He is very near....He awaits you.. Run. Fly. Break you chains; break all the bonds that tie you down to flesh and blood."

I'm making this post a link-up.  If you'd like to join in just share a recipe you've been chowing on (link so we can try it), a song you've been digging (link so we can listen), a recent photo from your life, and a quote, from your kid, a book, whatever, just as long as you love it.

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  1. I love this idea! I'll get right to writing this post soon...
    And your spicy asian noodles seem similar to something we call "Thai Chicken noodles" at our house - maybe that will be my first recipe to share. It is a crowd favorite over here (as in, it's the only thing my toddler will ask for for dinner, and my husband likes it too).


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