Monday, September 28, 2015

What's In My Hospital Bag?

We have approximately 1.5 weeks to go before this baby comes. I'm telling myself it could be any day now.....but it could also be 3 weeks from now. Reeeeally trying to remind myself it really could be 3 weeks from now.  But I sure hope not.

In any case. I thought it was about time to think about what to bring to the hospital. I already tend to over pack and I also struggle with indecision, so trying to plan out what goes in my hospital bag has not been easy. I found these posts by Jacqui, Nell, and Gina to be really helpful and I think now my bag is in order.

First off, the bag:

 I have never had a nice over night bag. I've always just used whatever cast aside gym bags and totes I found lying around. But being *almost 30* has made me feel like getting my act together and getting some grown-up luggage. (For aaaall the traveling I do;)  Alex delivered by getting me this bag for my birthday. I love it. It's huge so I can over pack all I want. And the trip to the hospital will be her maiden voyage.

Inside the bag I have...

For Laboring:
My own night gown and robe to wear (both knee length)
sports bra for (hopefully) water birth
plenty of hair ties and bobby pins, hair in my face is one of my biggest pet peeves.
lip balm, chapped lips is another pet peeve.
phone already synced with playlists, one classical, one acoustic-y folksy.
Hot/cold pack
healthy snacks for energy, granola bars, dried fruit, etc.
rosary, hoping to offer some intentions for loved ones.
journal, I've been keeping a list of scriptures to meditate on while laboring.
picture of Johnny, he's my inspiration.

For After delivery:
more socks
my own underwear, for when I'm done with the fun mesh ones.
two pairs of yoga pants, because you never know.
nursing bra
nursing tank
comfy open front sweater
presentable t-shirt to wear home
clean change of clothes for Alex
camera, to get some band spanking new baby photos
toiletries, including my own shampoo, conditioner, soap, and Alex's tooth brush
make-up bag

And while I've mentioned make-up bag and wanting to have real grown-up luggage....I have had the same make-up back for, oh....probably 15 years. Does anyone else remember this?

I think my aunt must have have gotten some Clinique samples, including this bag. She gave it to me when I was just a tween and I've used for my make up ever since. Until.....

A few week ago when I won this make-up bag as a prize at a bridal shower!

Going through my make-up, tossing out the old stuff I don't use, and putting everything in a nice new bag was such a cathartic experience. I feel like a new woman. If you need a little pick-me -up, I highly recommend a new make-up bag.

Ok, where were we? Oh yes, hospital bag. 

For the baby:
3 onesies
2 sleeper jammies
a couple of swaddling blankets
car seat, of course.
handmade hat. I'd love it if baby could wear a handmade hat home from the hospital.  I haven't actually made one for this purpose yet, so I suppose I should get on that. 

And while we are talking about stuff for the baby. I have been trying to not spend all of my money buying baby girl clothes off of Kidizen.  But I did find a set of darling Petunia Pickle Bottom onesies for a steal. Alex didn't believe me when I told him the brand name was Petunia Pickle Bottom, and still laughs out loud whenever I say. So I made sure one of those made it into the hospital bag.

Anything else you think I should have with me? There's still room in my enormous bag!


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  1. We have the same pet hair one extends to my hair being worn down though... I recommend a Trader Joe's snack. The chocolate covered almonds were particularly enjoyable after my latest baby. :)

    1. Susanna, I just got some yummy trail mix from Trader Joe's today and put it in the bag. I should probably get something chocolaty too though.

  2. My first and second labors, I had crazy back labor. Our doula had suggested bringing a tube sock with two tennis balls tied inside, and oh my goodness, that silly looking thing saved my LIFE for counter-pressure on my lower back!

    1. Great idea! I had back labor with Johnny and poor Alex was on his own for the counter pressure.

  3. I may or may not (ok may) have brought Manhattan makings for our baby celebration! Call me crazy, but it was delightful to cheers my husband at the end of it! :) praying for you!

  4. Mary, that is a great idea! I had thought it would be nice to bring a bottle of wine or something. But wasn't sure if it was allowed in the hospital. Did your nurses have a problem with the Manhattans? Or were you just really sneaky?

  5. LOVE your overnight bag. It's the coolest! Prayers for a smooth delivery.


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