Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nesting. Knitting.

I love knitting. It's my creative outlet, my therapy, my stress reliever. Knitting is my love language. If I have knit you something, it means I love you.

I have been doing a lot of knitting this pregnancy. I think that knitting has replaced the usual pregnancy inclination of nesting. I've felt this great urgency to do all the knitting, before it's too late. So here's what I've done since this bun has been in the oven.

First there was this scarf. I actually started it long before I was pregnant, it was my project that I worked on between other projects. But I thought it was time to finish it up.

It currently lives in the Etsy Shop. We'll see if I don't keep it for myself once cold weather hits. 

Then I made a sweater for myself with some yarn that I bought over two years ago. 

I haven't been able to try it on yet, tummy too big. So I have no idea if it will look good. We'll see after the baby comes.

Then I made a sweater for baby girl out of the softest merino wool I have ever used.  It was heaven. 

I had some extra yarn, so, matching hat!

Then for some reason I felt like I really needed to knit/crochet some dish clothes. None of them turned out the same size. But I use them and they get the job done. 

This pink sweater for baby girl was supposed to be 6-12 months but came out so big Johnny could wear it now. So I guess she will wear it when she's 2?

Then I started feeling bad that baby girl was getting all the hand knits. So I made Johnny this sweater. I love it! And I was so excited for him to wear it this fall. Until....I tried it on him the other day and it almost comes down to his knees! I don't know how this happens. My things turn out way too big! So I guess it's next winter for this one too. 

Extra yarn means matching hat. The hat fits him now. So at least he can wear that this year.

I had extra pink yarn so I tried really hard to make a newborn sized sweater.  I think it's pretty good size-wise and I'm really hoping baby girl will be able to wear it right away.

Oh, and I love the buttons.

Then I made a bunch of baby hats.  They may go in the Etsy shop or they may end up being gifts. We'll see.

Then I realized I still haven't made anything for Alex! Poor Alex. I'm currently working on this sweater for him.  I'm about half way done and need to crank it out before the baby gets here.

Winter is such a great time for knitting.  I'm hoping I can still get some done after baby comes.  But in case I can't you know what I'll be doing for the next 2 weeks!


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  1. Oh, that baby girl merino sweater & hat!! So adorable.

    I crochet, not knot, but man is it fun to make things for loved ones.
    Happy casting on!

  2. Oh, that baby girl merino sweater & hat!! So adorable.

    I crochet, not knot, but man is it fun to make things for loved ones.
    Happy casting on!

  3. Wow, Anna, you really have been on a roll! So many cute things!! :)

    My sweaters usually come out too large too so I've taken to knitting with a needle the next size down from what is prescribed. It seems to be doing the trick!

  4. P.S. That is a great sweater pattern for your guy. I think I might steal it to make one for my man too. ;)

  5. Dang! Great job! I sheepishly admit that a goal of mine is to finish my FIRST child's baby blanket by December... Hah!

  6. I am so impressed. I have always wanted to knit. I got a bunch of yarn and a loom a few Christmases ago, and started knitting scarfs. They never turned out well and I just kinda gave up. I need to make time to knit.


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