Tuesday, September 1, 2015

august recap

If I've been a little quiet over here it's because Alex has been on break and I have been way too busy enjoying time with my husband to even think about blogging.

But now he's back in school, so, hello internet, my dear friend!

Here's what happened over break: Alex had three weeks off and our time-allocation plan was as follows:

Week 1; do as many house projects as possible.
Week 2: do as many social things as possible.
Week 3: veg out and watch as much Netflix as possible.

And we stuck to the plan pretty well!

During week 1 we got some yard work done, cleaned out and organized three closets, organized Johnny's baby clothes, set aside everything gender neutral for baby-girl, and put everything into nice stacking bins instead of garbage bags.



 And we completely re-did the bar situation in our dining room. I have been dreaming about doing this for months. We had a very cute but very rickety wine rack that Johnny would shake until the wine glasses came flying off and pull the wine bottles off and roll them around on the floor. We've had to take everything breakable off of it, and in the end it was just a catch-all for junk.

Now (thanks to Ikea) we have wall mounted shelves that are completely out of Johnny's reach and that make us look a little more like lushes than is actually accurate. I love it.

Also, while Alex was putting up all the shelves I was assembling our Ikea impulse buy: a little table and chairs set for Johnny. When Johnny realized that I had "built" him a chair he was so impressed that he clapped for me.  Thank you, Ikea, for making me feel like the coolest mom on the block.

During week 2 we took a mini road trip to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe  in La Crosse, WI. with our friends Ian and Jacqui. It was the perfect distance to travel with babies. The site of the shrine was so scenic and beautiful, and our 2-days-apart toddlers had a blast with each other running around outside and splashing in the hotel pool. All in all, a great success. Jacqui has tons more beautiful pictures on her blog, so check it. 

I also had my birthday during week 2 so we saw some family and I celebrated with a few girlfriends.

Week 3 was great. We watched (all of) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It was pretty funny. It also felt strangely familiar, like I knew it from somewhere else, Then I saw Tina Fey's name on the producer's credit and it all made sense. If you like 30 Rock then you will like Kimmy Schmidt.

After that we started watching House of Cards. I usually can't handle the kind of shows where the protagonists are actually just really terrible people, but this is one is so interesting (also not gory like Breaking Bad) that I can handle it.  Alex and I have also had some good moral discussions about our sinful natures and a person's capacity for good vs. evil, which helps me digest everything. It is still pretty depressing so if you're looking for a pick me up, go back to Kimmy Schmidt.

We made it through the first season of House of Cards before classes resumed, so now our progress will be really slow. Maybe an episode on Sundays if we are lucky. Since I'm waiting for Alex to continue House of Cards I needed a show to watch by myself, and Foyle's War is not disappointing. Netflix has been suggesting it to me forever, and I finally took the bait. It's SO the opposite of House of Cards. Our hero searches for truth and always does the right thing. Every episode has a satisfying (though sometimes a little sad, as it is set in WWII) ending. It's pretty slow paced, which is perfect for me because I like to knit while I watch and that's hard to do if there's a lot of action to keep up with.

Well, this post has turned into mostly TV commentary so I'll quit now. Johnny and I are doing just fine on day 2 without Alex. But I'm sure a tearful, venting session of a post will be coming your way before too long. Just hang in there.

(Here's a photo Alex took of Johnny and me searching for tomatoes in our jungle of a garden.)


keep in touch!




  1. I love Foyle's War! Is the final season on Netflix? We have been waiting to watch it!

    1. I think it is, I'm only in the second season. But so good!

  2. Love Foyle's War but I was a bit disappointed in the last season. Travis likes House of Cards but I can't stand it. I have a hard time watching shows where people are horrible (so Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Peaky Blinders). I just can't invest in it... I need a show to give me hope, not depress me.

    1. Bonnie, have you watched Friday Night Lights yet? There is a bit of teen angst and drama to get past, but it's SO GOOD! with main characters you can really root for. Of course my very favorite hopeful show it Call the Midwife, but not sure I can watch that this far along in a pregnancy!


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