Thursday, August 20, 2015

30 before 30

Yesterday marked the beginning of the end of my 20's (read: I turned 29 yesterday). I always get very nostalgic over passing milestones and life chapters and things like that, so I'm feeling a little sentimental over being in the last year of my twenties. My twenties have been great! It was my decade of change, falling in love, becoming a mom.

What will my thirties be? I have no idea, but whatever it is will probably be a little more grown up. Maybe there's a few more things I need to do before I turn 30 to make sure I'm really ready for it. Maybe it's this feeling combined with my love of to-do lists and goal-setting that I have felt the need to make a list of things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 30. I have no idea how many of these I will actually get to in the next year. But it's good to be ambitious, right? It never hurts to aim high. So here goes. I'll let you know how I did one year from now. 

In no particular order:

1. Learn to shoot in manual focus
2. Get a pair of Birkenstocks
3. Have Johnny do a night away
4. Go away for a night with just Alex
5. Make a sweater for everyone in my (immediate) family
6. Read Brideshead Revisted
7. See the Minnesota Orchestra
8. Organize the pantry
9. Purge baby clothes
10. Purge my own clothes
11. Learn to like beer
12. Do an organized, out of the house activity (ie: painting class, piano lessons)
13. Go to the Red Cow
14. Have a regular girls night
15. Buy no new yarn until I have gotten through my current yarn stash
16. Be a part of a Bible study
17. Take some yoga classes
18. Do a weekly holy hour
19. Do a weekly rosary
20. Reread Harry Potter
21. Be more patient
22. Have a good labor and delivery experience
23. Plant some cherry trees
24. Read more
25. Spend less
26. Back up all the pictures on my computer
27 Join a Well Read Mom group
28. Practice piano regularly
29. Develop a good habit of daily prayer
30. Harvest the compost


keep in touch!




  1. Anna! This is such a wonderful list. I would love to do many of these items as well! How about we do #6 and #7 together??

    1. Anna! Yes we should! #6 We would probably have to get in before the new baby comes. #7 would be nice for over the winter.

  2. Great list! It would do me good to dream this way :)


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