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// 7 Q U I C K T A K E S vol 1 3 //

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Thanksgiving was last week, and on the one hand, it was good.  We got to see lots of family. We got to eat lots of pie. But on the other hand it was really hard. Alex is the operations manager for a small chain of bakeries here in the Twin Cities.  You think "bakery, that sounds fun and yummy!" And it is fun and yummy, but it's also a lot of work. He has long hours, he's on call basically 24/7, he's been having to work Saturdays lately too. Not. Fun. And the holidays are super busy. When most people are looking forward to a long weekend of family and relaxation Alex is gearing up for super early mornings and 12 hour work days. The only day he had off last week was Thanksgiving it's self, which was spent frantically making pies and then hopping back and forth between our families. This is what every major holiday of our marriage has been like. I'm super thankful for a good job, but it gets hard. But thankfully, there is an end in sight, because.....


 Alex got into PA School! For the last two years Alex has been taking prerequisites to apply for physician assistant programs.  His undergrad was in Spanish and linguistics, so nothing transferred and he's basically been working on a whole other bachelor's degree. So for the the last two years he has been working a demanding full time job, taking classes, doing home work almost every night, whilst being a husband to my pregnant and then postpartum self and a father to our little boy. It's been a little crazy.

This summer Alex submitted his applications to the three PA programs in Minnesota. He interviewed at two and found out just a few weeks ago that he was excepted to both! He has been working so hard and we've both sacrificed a lot in our relationship and home life with trust that this is what he is supposed to be doing. It's so good to get this confirmation and it's such a relief to know that the next three years of our life is all set. Of course I knew that he'd get in, but it's still a relief to know for sure!


It's advent! How is your advent going?  Ours is going....not bad, not great.  It's just going, I guess.  We got the tree set up, Johnny hasn't tried to pull it down yet, so that's a win. We've got the advent wreath out, but we didn't have it out in time for dinner last Sunday, so we actually haven't lit it yet. I've been using my Blessed is She advent journal and it has been really nice to change up my prayer routine a little bit with it. I've read a few good blog posts about things to do during advent, and advent traditions, and this great post about phones and daily prayer that have given me some ideas for things I'd like to try.

My own personal goal for advent has been to just do more listening and waiting for the Lord, even if I don't hear anything, even it feels like He's not near me. I'm trying to quiet my thoughts, my anxieties, my temper, my heart, and really wait for Him.

Come, Lord Jesus, even now, even to me.


Alex and I got out for a much needed date yesterday. I've always liked going on dates with my husband but I've never really felt like we needed dates until we had Johnny. (People who have had children longer than I have are rolling their eyes and saying "ya think?") Having a baby, or rather a toddler, is so consuming. When we are home together literally every second of time and ounce of energy is spent keeping Mr. Seek-and-Destroy out of trouble. Today he dumped an entire box of Cheese-Itz out onto the the floor, I dropped one of his poops on the bathroom floor, he pulled beer bottles out of the recycling bin, and emptied sock draws, kitchen cabinets, book shelves, and laundry baskets left and right.  Basically everything we own is always on the floor. 

He does a lot of sweet things too, he plays peek-a-boo, and he spins in circles til he's dizzy, he just started giving kisses and I love it! But even when he's being sweet our thoughts are completely on him and Alex and I forget to take care of each other.  So getting out and spending a couple hours focused on us was so needed. 


I had a couple hours to my self this morning.  Unfortunately they were spent at the dentist. I mean no disrespect to dentists, and I'm very grateful for good oral health, but going to the dentist is just so soul crushing.  We don't have dental insurance, so I go pay a whole bunch of money to have someone scrape my gums and blast my teeth with freezing cold water for 40 minutes all the while telling me that I shouldn't drink red wine and coffee because my teeth are becoming stained. Um....I'm sorry, but there is no amount of stained teeth that could keep me from my red wine and coffee. It is simply not an option at this stage in life. Quit making me feel guilty for keeping my sanity at a decent level!

Anyway, I had a cavity, so I have to go back in January.



Last weekend we celebrated my Granddad's 90th birthday. My Granddad was raised on a Minnesota farm, he was a tail gunner in WWII. He got married, had five kids,  and owned a business. I've known him as the man who taught us to fish, who smokes a pipe, who likes to eat venison, and loves to tell a good story. Now he's 90. He has 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. He and my Grandma are still in their own house. I've been going their as long as I can remember. This last year my little brother started mowing the lawn for him, but he still takes a walk every day and plants a garden every summer. 

At 90 years old he has 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Family has always been important and it still is.  My grandparents still come to all my concerts and my student recitals. They come hear us sing at church. They come to Sunday night dinners. They still call me every year on my birthday. When I look at my Granddad I see a life well lived and a legacy that neither moth or rust can destroy. I see family, and I see love.

My dad and my grandparents

The Whole Shepperd Clan. This was seriously the best photo I got.
You try getting 40 people to smile all together.


Lastly, Nell of Whole Parenting, who is one of the most generous and gracious bloggers I know, was so kind as to interview me about my Etsy shoppe and is giving away one of my baby hats. So head on over there and enter.  And I hope you all have a great weekend!

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