Thursday, November 20, 2014

//five fashion favorites//

I'm not much of a fashionista. And I usually try not to do that much shopping.  In fact, my new years resolution for this year was to do NO clothes shopping for all of 2014 (barring any emergency needs, nursing bras, things of that nature). Well, I think I lasted until about March before I broke down and bought something.

I'm going to blame my postpartum body.  The plain and simple fact is a lot of my old clothes just no longer fit me right. Even after I lost my baby weight, my body is just different now. I needed clothes that would fit my forever expanded hips and rib cage. And having the saggy, stretchy, lumpiness of a postpartum body, it just feels really good to look put together once in a while. When you're over tired and touched out, having a clean, presentable outfit and some lipstick on can do wonders for personal morale.

This fall I came across a few really good fashion finds that I love and that have become major staples in my mommy wardrobe. And so I give you my five fashion favorites. (The photos that are not mine link back to the websites they are from)

//1. printed leggings//

At first I thought only teenagers could pull them off.  But now I'm convinced they were invented for the stay at home mom.  Because what's more comfortable than leggings? Nothing. And with a fun pattern you can feel a little more stylish and put together than you would in just plain black yoga pants. White plum has an amazing selection of printed leggings. I think I'm addicted.

//2. tunics//

actual model from white plum's website.
me attempting to model my leggings and over sized sweater. 

If you're going to wear leggings then you need to invest in a couple of tunics. I am 100% on board with the mantra of "leggings are not pants." So if you're going to wear them you need something that covers the old behind.  I love love love this tunic, also from white plum. And I also recently found these nice long layering tunics at Target. Great for wearing under something that maybe is not quite long enough to be presentable with leggings. Big, over-sized sweaters also work great with leggings. And wearing a long, flowing tunic helps hide the postpartum tummy troubles none of us like to show off.

//3. oxfords//

 I think it was after watching Call the Midwife that I decided I needed to get myself a pair of oxfords. They're so timeless, they can look vintage or modern. They're always in style, they work with jeans, and they work with dresses. I just found mine on Amazon and I love them. The only problem is our early Minnesota snow has me reaching for boots more than flats these days. Come springtime, however, I will be sporting my oxfords!

//4. this lipstick//

So, I shamelessly copied my little sister with this lipstick. She is a hairstylist by trade and very knowledgeable about all things trendy, and I shamelessly copy her on many occasions. I loved this lip color on her and after a failed attempt at commandeering it from her purse I had to go out and get one of my own.  Lipstick it like a magic pick-me-up, no matter how tired and frumpy I am feeling, if I put on some lipstick I instantly feel fancy! 

//5. lily jade diaper bag//

This one is a real splurge and I realize most of us just can't go out and get one. I had heard about Lily Jade bags back in the spring from fashionable mommy bloggers such as Grace from Camp Patton. It's a diaper bag, but it's also a designer bag. It has this great insert that keeps all your baby stuff organized, it's nice and big, and it's beautiful to look at.  Then my good friend Jacqui got one for her birthday, and after seeing  one in the flesh I knew I would loath and despise any other diaper bag for the rest of my life until I got one. So Alex was a real champ and organized the families to go in on one for me. And I love it! I've tried three other diaper bags and this one holds the most stuff and stays organized the best. I usually carry around 2 cloth diapers, 1 extra cover, wipes, wet bag, butt paste, my sling, a book, toy and snack for Johnny, my wallet, water bottle, sippy cup, lipstick, gum, cellphone, and sometimes a knitting project or camera. And it ALL fits! And it's so pretty. And I love it.

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  1. Love them! I am so afraid of bold color on my lips...looks great on you, though!

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