Monday, November 17, 2014

//embrace the ordinary vol 2: snow//


For some people snow might not be that ordinary. But for us Minnesotans it is incredibly ordinary. We have snow for at least six months out of the year. We're constantly scraping it off our cars and stomping it from our boots and clearing it from our sidewalks. It limits time spent outdoors, gets our socks wet, and makes traffic miserable. I do not like the snow. 

We got our first snow fall this year on November 9th, which maybe is a little early for a first snow of the year. It was a big one. And unlike other first snows, which usually disappear once the sun comes out, it looks like this is it. Snow until April.  

But this year I've decided to embrace the snow and enjoy everything that comes with it. I'm going to enjoy how beautiful it makes everything look, and the way it sparkles in the sunlight or the street lamps. I'm going to enjoy Johnny's reaction to the snow, and how cute he looks bundled up in all his winter gear.  I'm going to embrace having an excuse to just stay home all day with a big sweater and two pairs of socks on. And I'm going to make hot chocolate and do lots of knitting. Somehow the snow doesn't seem so bad anymore. 


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1 comment:

  1. What a darling!!! I can relate--I just get soooo cold and I don't like driving in the snow. We get snow from Nov-sometimes MAY in Colorado. Sometimes the snow comes in October. But you're right, enjoying cocoa and being snuggled up are things to enjoy!


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