Thursday, October 9, 2014

//9. dancing in the kitchen//


This was a common scene from my childhood: dinner was finished, we were in kitchen helping to clean up the dishes, or helping ourselves to some ice cream from the freezer.  Everyone was chattering, the dog was running around, and my parents would start dancing, right in the middle of the kitchen. Some times the radio would be on the jazz station. But more often there was no music at all, they would just start dancing.

"Dancing in the kitchen is good for your marriage." They would say. 

Sometimes my little brother or sister would try to get in on the dancing by squeezing between their legs. Or the dog would start barking at them. They just kept dancing. 

Alex and I like to dance in the kitchen, too.  There's usually not any music playing.  We just start dancing. And I get it now. It's good to do something romantic, even when there's nothing else romantic going on. It's good to take a few moments out of the dishes and the kids and the everyday-all-the-same to remember that you're married and you're in love. Dancing in the kitchen is good for your marriage. 

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  1. Mike and I danced in the kitchen, too. A wonderful memory....

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