Wednesday, October 1, 2014

// 31 things i learned from my parents //

The Nester is hosting a blogging challenge for the month of October: 31 days of blogging, all on one topic. And because life is not stressful at all, and I don't have a million other things I could/should be doing, I decided, what the heck! Let's give this a try.

But what could I possibly write 31 posts about? I think I would lose all my friends and followers if I wrote 31 posts about Johnny's crappy naps, or my lack of showering. After mulling it over a while I decided that instead writing about what's going on with me now (not that much), I would write about things that made me who I am today; specifically, things I learned from my parents. They taught me everything I know, from spiritual practices, to tips for a healthy marriage, to finding joy in simple pleasures, like a scenic drive, or a good cup of coffee.


I hope you will join me through the month of October as I share 31 things I learned from my parents. I will not be posting each and everyday to my Facebook page.(have you liked it yet?) So if you want to be sure to keep up with this series you can subscribe to this blog by email.

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