Saturday, October 4, 2014

// 3. the perfect coffee mug //


My mom is always on the lookout for the perfect coffee mug. She has a strict list of criteria for what make a coffee mug good, and finding a cup that possesses all of the qualities is no easy feat.

1. It has to have a thin lip. Big, chunky ceramic mugs are great, but if the lip is too thick sipping can be difficult, and drips are more likely.  A nice thin lip, and preferably one that flares out, makes sipping so enjoyably drip-free.

2. It has to have a balanced handle. This means you should be able to easily hold it by the handle with one hand. Also, mugs with no handles at all are no good.

3. It must be microwave-safe. There's nothing worse than sipping on a cold latte, so nothing stainless steel or with metallic details, please.

If you can manage to find a mug with all three of these criteria get it and save it for my moms birthday. She will love you forever.

Now, I hope you will never think about your coffee mugs the same again.


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