Tuesday, October 28, 2014

// 30. eating ice cream out of the carton //

Did you have rules as a kid that became more relaxed as you got older? No chocolate in the morning. Make your bed everyday. Only 30 minutes of TV. Stuff like that? 

When we were kids there is no way my parents would have let us eat straight out of the ice cream carton, but somehow when we were teenagers and young adults this became ok. It even became sort of a nightly ritual.  I think it started with my dad's tendency to eat sweets in very small portions. At night he'd get a little bit of a sweet tooth, but all he'd need to satisfy it was one spoonful of ice cream. So he'd pull out the ice cream, take his spoonful, and put it back.  Then I'm sure at some point he got caught, by me or my sister or someone, and the power of suggestion was too great and they had to have a spoonful as well.  

Well, it got to the point where almost every evening someone would get a spoon and the ice cream, and then everyone else would come running to with their spoon.  And we'd all stand there, eating ice cream out of the carton and shooting the breeze.  

The first time Alex caught me eating ice cream out of the carton he was very surprised to hear that it was something I learned from my parents.  

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