Wednesday, October 29, 2014

// 29. take the scenic route //


Sometimes, when you're going somewhere, you have the option to take the fastest route, or the scenic route.  You can take the highway, or you can go around the lake, or along the river. My family has always been in favor of taking the scenic route.  This usually happened on the way home from church. We'd pile in the van and my dad would say something like, "well, should we take the scenic route?" And there would be various amounts of yeas and nays depending on who was hungry or not. 

We also like to take scenic routes along Summit Ave or around the Lakes in Minneapolis to look at all the cool old houses.  Every year on Christmas Eve, on our way home from church, we would take the scenic route along Summit to look at Christmas lights. Alex and I have our own version of a Christmas Eve scenic route that has been expanded to include driving through downtown St. Paul to see the lights in Rice Park. I confess that the first time it happened by accident, but now it's tradition!


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