Saturday, October 25, 2014

// 25. anticipation //


What's the best part about getting presents? I think it's seeing the presents wrapped and ready for you days before you get to open it, and you're just dying to know what's inside. The anticipation is almost as great as the gift itself!

My mom is really good at getting gifts wrapped ahead of time. For our birthdays she would wrap the gifts a few days before our birthday and set them out on the fireplace mantle. We would look at them, feel them, listen to them, for days trying to figure out what we going to get. She does the same thing at Christmas time.  She likes to get a bunch of presents out under the tree a week or two before Christmas, because it looks pretty to have presents under the tree but also because anticipation is great! It's so much fun to see a bunch of  presents under the tree and hunt for which ones are yours. 

I like to get presents under the tree right away, although I'm wondering if it will work this year.  Last year at Christmas Johnny liked eating tissue paper, which we discovered because we found it in his colostomy bag! This year I'm pretty sure he'll be into destroying any wrapped presents I'm brave enough to set out early. So, we'll just have to see.  

One more thing.  Today is my mom's Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!


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