Friday, October 24, 2014

// 24. laughing around the table //


My family has a tradition of Sunday night dinner. It's not quite the set-in-stone-institution that Friday Night Dinners are. (Because I know you are watching Gilmore Girls) (Thanks Netflix!)

yeah, that's basically what our dinners look like.
But most Sundays we go to my parents house for dinner.  And sitting around the table, eating, telling stories, and laughing is one of my very favorite things that my family does.  We do a lot of laughing when we're together for a meal, and I know it runs in the family because I've seen my mom and her sister around the table laughing until they are all in tears. And I've seen my dad with his parents and siblings laughing until everyone's sides ache and they're out of breathe. The family that laughs together, stays together. 

It makes me happy that my siblings and I are still relatively young and still have years of laughing around the table together ahead of us. 

What do we laugh about?  Well, I could tell you about the time my little brother was really emphatic about potatoes.  Or the time my sister didn't get a good look at a bumper sticker that read "make your next stop the library!" and thought it said "make your neck stop. The library!" But I'm afraid that if I tried to tell you these things here it wouldn't make any sense. I will tell you, though, it always starts with a story. Story telling, it's as old as time and it makes me so happy that despite all the technology that fills almost all of our moments we can still sit down, have dinner, and tell stories together. 


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