Thursday, October 23, 2014

// 23. breakfast in bed //


Have you ever gotten breakfast in bed? I hope so. It's a wonderful thing to be given breakfast in bed.

My family has a breakfast in bed tradition that started first on just Mother's Day and Father's Day, but at some point was extended to included all birthdays too.  The thing that was so great about our tradition was that it was supposed to be a surprise, but because we did every year for everyone's birthday you always new it was coming. 

Everyone except the special person wakes up extra early (7:00, oh my!) and gets his or her favorite breakfast items together. For my dad it's fruit and a small amount of a pastry or muffin.  My mom likes blueberry scones. For us kids it was always our favorite kind of cereal. Can you say Lucky Charms? Or Cinnamon Toast Crunch?  It was carefully arranged on the breakfast tray, which we've had forever and use only for breakfast in bed, along with enough breakfast items for everyone else to have something (because we all wanted breakfast), and we'd begin what was supposed to be a quiet procession to just outside the special person's bedroom door. It was in fact a very loud procession. I remember every birthday very clearly hearing every one getting ready to "surprise" me while I just waited in bed pretending to be asleep. Then the door swings open and everyone starts singing Happy Birthday to You, complete with four part harmonies. After the singing everyone would pile on the bed and my parents would tell the story of what happened on the day we were born.

This is our breakfast in bed tray.
One year, when I was a very mean 9-year-old I told my 5-year-old sister on the eve of her birthday that we weren't going to give her a breakfast in bed. I said I had talk about with mom and dad and we decided we were going to skip it that year. She accused me a lying and went to bed very angry at me.  The next morning we got up and were of course getting her breakfast ready, but we were running very behind schedule.  She in the meantime had woken up and was lying in her bed waiting for us, but we didn't come and we didn't come, and of course when you're 5 years old ten minutes feels like an hour. So she thought we really weren't giving breakfast in bed. When we finally did make it to her room, singing the birthday song, she lifted her tear stained face from her pillow, outed me as the terrible big sister that I was, and I was swiftly and justly punished. The lesson is thus: don't mess around with breakfast in bed.

When I moved out of my parents house I decided I wasn't ready to give up my birthday breakfast in bed.  So I instituted the tradition in our own little family.  We have our own tray, and we do breakfast in bed on birthdays, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Johnny gets breakfast in bed everyday. 


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