Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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I mentioned a couple days ago that my dad is a very healthy eater.  My mom is too, for that matter.  Fruits and vegetables abound in their house. They enjoy sweets and treats too, they just enjoy them in much smaller portions than most of us would. 

It's not an uncommon sight to open my parents refrigerator and find half of a Mounds Bar in there.  I'm not talking about a king sized Mounds Bar, I mean the little fun sized ones that you hand out at Halloween.  Yes, my parents are the people who hand out Mounds Bars for Halloween.  They said that way there would be something the parents would enjoy.  Well, my parents enjoy a good Mounds Bar and they'll make one of those little ones last two or three days. And if my dad gets my mom a box of chocolates for Valentines Day, it will last them until Easter.  You open the box of chocolates to find a bunch of halves, or quarters, of chocolates. 

Another regular find in the fridge is a half consumed bottle of beer, stopped with a cork from an old bottle of wine. 

Just last week Alex and I went out with my parents for dinner.  They split a steak, and still took home a doggy bag. Maybe someday if I'm ever not pregnant or breastfeeding (no, not pregnant now, just breastfeeding) I will be able to show that kind of portion control. 

my parents with the apple of their eye.


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