Sunday, October 19, 2014

// 19. drink water, get sleep, exercise //


Yesterday's post highlighted a bit of goofy advice from my dad. Today I'm sharing the advice he will give you anytime you're not feeling well: drink water, get sleep, and exercise.  Nine times out of ten, doing those three things will fix whatever ails you. If I had a headache, stomach ache, or if I was feeling anxious, he would ask me if I was doing all three of those things, usually I was doing none of them. 

This advice is pretty simple, but I think it speaks volumes to how my dad lives. 

He eats well. High fiber, whole grains, good fats, plenty of water, and he consumes more vegetables in a day than Alex and I do in a week. Yeah, he enjoys the yummy stuff too, (no, I do not count vegetables as yummy) but he enjoys them in moderation....more about that in a few days. 

My dad goes to bed early, or at least he tries to. In a house full of chronic night owls it has always been a battle for him to get to bed as early as he would like. But he makes the effort. 

The thing that I find most inspiring is that he exercises- every. single. day. Everyday over lunch he goes to the gym and he's been doing this for years. Now it's finally beginning to rub on the rest of my family. One night a few years back I couldn't get a hold of my mom, so I called my little brother to see if he knew where she was.  He answered his cell and said she was at the gym with him, and my sister, and my dad! Well, I felt kind of left out and decided it was time for Alex and I to get on the exercise band wagon. 

I enjoyed my gym membership for about a year, I often went when I knew one of my family would be there too. I began to actually enjoy exercising.  Then I became pregnant and felt way too sick to go.  By the time I no longer felt sick my belly was so huge and uncomfortable, and it hurt just to walk from one end of the house to the other, so no gym then either.  Then Johnny was born, and there were a couple of weeks I was GETTING UP EARLY TO WORKOUT BEFORE ALEX LEFT FOR WORK! Then I realized- I have a baby who is a terrible sleeper, and if he sleeps in then I better be sleeping in too. So we canceled our gym memberships. But thanks to Youtube and Jillian Michaels I'm still getting my shred on. And I'm kind of enjoying it! 


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