Saturday, October 18, 2014

//18. throwing apple cores out the car window //


Dads are supposed to give all kinds of advice right? Father knows best, after all.  My dad gave lots of advice, some good, some practical, some just kind of goofy. 

Whenever we were snacking on something biodegradable in the car, usually an apple, he would tell us to just throw the it out the window.  It wasn't littering, he would say, because it would feed the birds, or turn into compost and nourish the ground it landed in.  But it still felt like such a bad thing to be doing. I was certain that if a cop caught us we would be pulled over and ticketed. Now that's I'm old and wise it doesn't seem quite the delinquent activity that I once thought it was.  But there are a few helpful rules you should observe before trying this at home.

1. You have to make sure there's no one following you too closely behind you. Otherwise when you toss your apple core it might end up hitting someone elses windshield.

2. Get in the right lane, and wait for a grassy patch.  Remember, the whole reason we can justify throwing our apple cores out the window is that they will serve as compost. Make sure there is something that can use compost. 

3.  Make sure your window is down far enough. There was a time I attempted to throw my apple core out the window, but I was feeling overly confident in my aiming capabilities and only put my window down half way. Instead of tossing my apple core out, it ricocheted off the edge of the window, bounced off the car roof, and landed in the back seat, all the while getting apple bits and juice all over everything. Learn from my mistake and just roll your window down all the way. 


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  1. Yeah, rolling down the window all the way would be best. :) I totally remember getting a bit of a thrill out of throwing apples cores out the windows in college out in the middle of no where Ohio after going apple picking.

    1. That sounds like fun, Susanna! My apple core throwing has only been in the city, and never after apple picking unfortunately.

  2. This made me giggle!! I think the same way, but I'm so chicken to throw something out the window that I never do it!

    1. Do it Gina, Do it!! (but only if it's compostable!)


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