Sunday, June 1, 2014

// O N E //


Now you are one! It feels like we were just bringing you home from the hospital and like we've always had you all at the same time. Time passes, each day is so full, and this first year has gone by leaving so many memories in it's wake. Some moments and feelings are preserved so perfectly in my mind, etched in deeply by extreme emotions. Other things linger only as an impression. But I know I will never forget this first year we have had with you.  

Now you are big! Well, you've always been big; 9 lbs 7 oz put you at the 90th percentile right from the start. But now you are "sooooo big!" (as we say in your favorite game.) You're almost 22 lbs, and my arms are getting a good workout from toting you all over the place. You're long too,  I notice this most when you are nursing and your body is stretched out across my lap. You're active. You crawl and cruise all over the house. We can tell you want to be walking on your own, and it's only a matter of time as you become more confident and more daring. You love to play with toys and go for walks and look at the world around you.

You are brave. You have been through more in your first year of life than most people go through their whole lives through. I think about you in your incubator just shortly after you were born.  You didn't cry. You just looked at us with your deep eyes. Everyone who came to see you said you were brave. I've learned to be brave too. I know that you won't remember any of these things, (and I'm so thankful for that) but I want you to know that you were brave and I hope that you carry that bravery with you as you grow up.

You have a will. And you exert it. Often! You know what you want and you will fight and wrestle and wiggle to get at that power strip/laptop/toilet/stack of mail/pile of laundry. I know that you can't tell right from wrong yet. But I have this growing suspicion that you can tell what we don't want you to do and that you take some secret delight in doing it.

Example 1: Moving the TV. You love to stand between the wall and the TV stand and push the TV in any direction you can manage. We always tell you to stop and quickly take you away from there because it's dangerous! But that only makes you want to go back for more. You'll put your little hand up on the TV and then look over at us and smile!

Example 2: Diaper Changes. You always try to escape the diaper changes. I put you on the floor on your back and you quickly roll over and crawl away. I hear you squealing as you go and if I happen to catch a glimpse of your face you are smiling! 

You are a mama's boy. You want to be held and cuddled and nursed. You sleep best when you sleep with me. You give me sweet hugs and kisses. You've always been a mama's boy and I hope you always will be. 

Every day you are a blessing.

Every day you make me smile and laugh.

Every day I thank The Lord for entrusting me with you,.

Happy First Birthday, Johnny.  I love you!

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