Monday, June 23, 2014

// M O M C O N F E S S I O N V O L 5 :t h e m o n d a y e d i t i o n //

It's just been one of those days.

You know, the kind where you stayed up too late the night before and didn't sleep well because the baby tossed and turned and nursed all night. 

The kind where it's super humid out, and you haven't gotten the AC units out of the attic yet so you're sticky and slow and lethargic. 

It's the kind of day where the baby is crabby because he took a poor morning nap, so you try to do something fun with him in the afternoon to distract him from his crabbiness. And after 45 minutes of setting up his water table outside only to have him play with it for 5 minutes before melting down into a puddle of tiredness you get everything inside, get the baby upstairs to bed, nurse him, get very sleepy yourself, think "this will be good, now we can both take a little rest", after 10 minutes of nursing the baby is completely revived and happy and ready to go again. 

The kind of day where hubby had to get up really early for work and won't be home until at least 7:00 and it's just not working to be in the house anymore so you decide to pack up the baby and go get some frozen yogurt. You change his diaper (so many poopy diapers today) get the diaper bag packed, get onto the porch, lock the door knob, pull the door shut and 1/8 of a second later realize you have locked your house key in the house. You took it off your key chain to leave it for the babysitter. You never put it back on.  You can picture exactly where it sits on the bookshelf....

Lucky for you, you do have your car key and can still go get frozen yogurt and can kill time in your favorite store, where they are having a sale, so you impulse-buy this scarf.....

and these Babiators for the baby.....

and that, along with the fro-yo, helps you feel a little bit better.

Yeah, it's been one of those days.

But the hubby did eventually get home with the house key, and we had caprese for dinner (one of my very favorites) And the upside to having bad naps during the day is that Johnny was asleep by 8:00, which is the earliest he's gone to bed in a couple of weeks. So I can blog while it's still light out, keep the laundry going and (hopefully) be asleep by 10:00!

No matter how draining the day is, my frustrations and stony-heartedness always melt into warm, fleshy, wildly beating anthems of love at the sight of my sleeping babe. And although this time that I have to myself while he sleeps in his crib is so refreshing and so necessary, I secretly look forward to that time around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning when he joins us in our bed and I get the snuggle with him, and get kicked in the bladder by him, until the morning comes.


  1. Love the scarf and Babiators. You weathered this Monday like a pro. I love the honesty and hope you realize what a great mom (and writer) you are! Now....on to Tuesday.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Kendra. Yes, I am hoping for good things tomorrow! Alex is putting the AC units in tonight so at least we know we won't be sticky and gross tomorrow!!

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