Sunday, June 29, 2014

// B E A F A M I L Y //

You may remember how this last Monday was a very special Monday. Well....the whole week ended up being a very special week.

Alex was really, really busy, between work and school every minute of every day was spoken for. (Besides the precious few hours of sleep he got each night) He's at school from 1:00-9:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week he had a test on both days. And as fate would have it, double test week happened to fall on one of the busiest work weeks he has had in....ever. He stayed home Tuesday morning to study but still had clocked in over 50 hours by Friday. All this is to say that whatever hardships I may have endured this week, they were nothing compared to what Alex went through.

Actually, apart from not really seeing Alex, my week was not too bad. Like I've mentioned before, Johnny is, for the most part, a pretty happy guy. It just can be isolating being alone with a baby when your hubby is gone for 12, 13 ,14...17 hours straight. We're used to functioning as a whole family and so these unusually busy times where that gets interrupted are hard and tiring.  Alex actually got out of class early both days this week! (PTL) (praise the Lord) And even though he had to lock himself away in a different room to study, just knowing he was in the house gave me so much peace of mind.

Anyway, we're realizing that we need to be intentional about just being a family, especially when things get crazy busy. So today we carved out a few hours in the afternoon to go for a walk down by the river and to use a gift card Johnny received to pick out some books. It was only 3 hours, but it was like being on vacation. We were completely cheered, revived, replenished, and ready to begin a new (and hopefully less stressful) week.

Here are some photos from our afternoon.

The Mighty Mississippi. See those trees sticking out of the water? Well, according to Google maps,
they're usually sitting on a little island.

like this!
 We've had tons of rain so the river's water lever is really high. 

Johnny is too cool for school

"Mom, I only like wearing YOUR sunglasses!" of course. 

attempting a family-selfie

thanks passer-by who took a picture for us!

Johnny had fun in the book store knocking things onto the ground.

So, there are painted pianos all over St. Paul. Johnny's best buddy Iggy played a different one not that long ago.

20 years of playing the piano and I have nothing memorized. sigh.
Next time I encounter a piano on the street I will be ready!

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