Friday, March 28, 2014

// 7 Q U I C K T A K E S V O L. 3 //

Just getting in under the wire to post my 7 Quick Takes.

It's been a while since I've talked about Johnny's poop on here. So here goes. 

Johnny has been much more interested in eating solids over the past few weeks.  We've been having loads of fun having him sit at the table with us while we eat and watching his reactions to different foods.  We've also been very careful in selecting foods to introduce to try to avoid constipation. Johnny is more prone to constipation than other kids, because of his anal reconstruction. So we've been trying to feed him foods that are high in fiber. But something went awry because he went All Day Monday with a poop.  That may be normal for some babies for for Johnny normal = every diaper's a poopy diaper. 

After two days of only breastmilk, much worry, and many calls to my father-in-law-pediatrician, we finally discovered the culprit: strawberries! Sorry Johnny, my bad.  Here's hoping it won't happen again.

Not only did Johnny have his first bout of constipation, he also crawled forward for the first time! He's been pushing himself around in reverse for quite a while now, and has been pretty frustrated that he can't get to where he wants to go.  Then all of a sudden Sunday night it clicked and he was going forward! Since then he's been crawling all over, he's gotten better at pulling himself up, and has shown a lot of boldness in trying to walk.  I think he enjoys the feeling of getting places on his own.  I guess this means now I need to baby-proof the house. 

My parents were out of the town this week, so that means all of us kids get together to have dinner and watch a movie. (It was Sunday, so Alex and I were still in keeping with our Lenten TV fast.  Yes, we take Sundays off.) Sibling movie-night, the night we get together and argue about what movie to watch. Thor got the majority vote, I was in the minority. Nonetheless, it was still good to get everyone together.

For the first time in my life I own a pair of rain boots! Now that it's kind of getting warm-ish outside Johnny and I have been going for walks and regular old boots or shoes were not cutting the mustard during puddle season. So I cashed in some credit card points and bought myself some rain boots. (Remember my New Years resolution to not shop? Well, since I used credit card points and not real money I'm considering this not real shopping. See how good I am at finding loop holes? )  

Anyway, I every time I slosh through a puddle (and my feet stay blissfully dry) I can't help thinking of this video.

Remember when I asked for suggestions for what to read for Lent? I got some good ones from some of you, but in the end decided I should finish one of the books I had kind of started already. So I've been reading this book:
50 Reasons I Love Being Catholic

The author, Liz Kelly, came and spoke at our church last year during Lent, which is when I bought the book.  She's a compelling speaker and writes beautifully. Here's a snippet from the section on kneelers.

Perhaps if I were humbler, less self-involved, then maybe I wouldn't need to be reminded 
to surrender, and maybe I wouldn't need to kneel in church- or elsewhere- to show
my respect and reverence in this way. But I do.....
when we're not to anxious to love and serve God, kneeling can be a reminder to us of 
who we are and who God is. Sometimes by first disciplining our body, our heart and mind follow.

I got my hair cut today! I should specify that I got bangs today. I haven't had bangs since 2009. I was in my senior year of college, I was living at home.  I was dating Alex but we weren't engaged yet. One morning as I was getting ready to go to my 8:00 am class I decided I needed to switch things up a bit in the hair department so I cut bangs for myself.  I instantly regretted it. I went to wake up my sister, who was just finishing the cosmology program at the Aveda Institute, and begger her to help me.  She looked at me and said "there is nothing I can do for you." And so I was stuck with my bangs. 

Then a couple weeks late Alex proposed to me. I didn't want to have bangs in our wedding pictures so I had to begin the arduous task of growing them out. 

This was right after we got engaged.  Those are the offending bangs.

 I made both Alex and my sister take a solemn oath to never again let me get bangs (my sister has also taken a similar oath to never again let me get a perm) and since then I have not had bangs...Until today! 

The winter was so long and hard, and I was feeling so cooped up and boring. I needed a change. So I made and Alex and my sister recant their vows, took a facebook poll,  and my sister gave me some nice fringe bangs.  I imagine that once the weather gets hot I will regret this. But for now the change is great! Thanks Amy!

When I was child my parents would always come tuck me in at night and say "bedtime prayers" kneeling at the side of my bed.  They did this from as early on as I can remember. I could never fall asleep until they had come in to pray for me. They continued the tradition through my high school years as well. "Bedtime prayers" became a time where we could talk about the stresses and hopes and projects I had going on. And they would lift them up to the Lord. After I moved out for college I learned that they still went into my room and prayed for me before they went to bed.

Now I have a baby.  He sleeps in his room, for the most part. And Alex and I go in to prayer for him before we go to bed. We prayer for his health. We pray that he would sleep well. We pray above all that he would know the Lord from a young age and walk with Him always. This is one of the things I do that really makes me feel like I am a parent. It's one of my favorite moments in the day.


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  1. Make sure your mom and dad read entry #7. They were a good example for Uncle Mike and me. Love, Aunt Julie.

    1. Aunt Julie, I will have them read it. I'm sure they will be honored to hear they have been an example to so many people. Love you!!


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