Friday, February 28, 2014

//7 Q U I C K T A K E S//

As a part of my 7 posts in 7 days I decided to give 7 quick takes a try.


Johnny's been working on crawling lately.  He mostly only goes backwards. Yesterday while belly-scooting in reverse he figured out a new way to enjoy his play-gym.

He seemed pretty pleased with himself and stayed under there for about 15 minutes!    


Lent starts on Wednesday and this year, like the past couple of years, I will be giving up TV. It's the thing I want to give up least so that means it's the thing that I definitely should give up.  It's hard, but I see the fruit of that discipline almost instantly.  I get more done around the house. I take up other pastimes, like reading! Alex and I have more conversation when he's home in the evenings. (Yeah, my hubby gets roped into my sacrifices.) Then when lent is over I am able to be more temperate about my TV intake, for a while. Good thing lent comes around every year! Anyway, all this means that I have only 4 days to finish the last season of Friday Night Lights on Netflicks.  Can it be done? Absolutely. 


 I would like to do an entire post entitled "Things I've learned from Downton Abbey"  with all the good house keeping tips I picked up from the downstairs folks on that show. But the only thing I can actually think of (besides all the witty quips from the dowager countess) is this:  drop the cushions on the floor to fluff them up. (Anna to Ethel, season 2 episode 1.) (I tried to find a youtube clip of it but couldn't.) I do this all the time with my super squishy pillow that gets all the feathers stuck at one end. It's brilliant!


Tomorrow is March 1. That means I've kept my New Years resolution of not shopping for myself for two months now. I've done shopping fasts before but I think the longest I've gone is 6 months. I bought a very on-sale pair of pants for Johnny. But that's totally not shopping for myself. 


 Alex got an A on his first o-chem test of the semester. Great job honey! It's so hard to find the balance between having family time/me getting a little break when he is home in the evenings and making sure he gets enough studying done. And then when he is studying Johnny is always making either happy or sad sounds (very loudly) to distract him.  I often feel like we are keeping him from getting enough done.  So it's good to see that he is doing well in spite of us. 


 I saw this video floating around Facebook a few months ago and I can't stop thinking about it. 


Johnny and I went to Whole Foods this week to pick up some Peace Coffee.  We usually do most of our shopping at Aldi, so on the rare occasion we go to a fancy grocery store like Whole Foods it's like a mini vacation.  There's so many interesting things to look at.  There's samples.  They bag your groceries for you! And oddly enough the staff there are so much more pleasant than at Aldi.  I made it out with only a couple of impulse buys.  Essential oils for my sugar scrub, and this flower to help me at least pretend that spring is coming.

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