Sunday, February 23, 2014

7 P O S T S, 7 D A Y S

Life has been busy, not with any big stuff but with all the little stuff; figuring out dinner, teaching, trying to get Johnny to nap (that's a big one actually), washing the multitudes of dirty diapers Johnny has been producing. As you know Alex works full time while going back to school so evenings are a balance of family time and staying out of his hair so he can get a little studying done. My little goals or projects are things I work on after Johnny has gone to sleep or on the weekends when Alex is home. That's when blogging happens.

While blogging is something that I value as a good way to exchange ideas and experiences with other people, it falls pretty low on my priority list.  I like to do it. It gives me a sense that I have done something, contributed to society a little, or even just given someone a few moments of entertainment. But it's easy to put an idea off, feel like it's not interesting enough, and then weeks go by and I have written nothing.

Then today happened.  I logged into my blogger account to maybe write a post about something that I have been thinking about for a couple weeks when I saw a challenge that Jen over at Conversion Diary posted.  7 blog posts in 7 days, Monday February 24 to Sunday March 2. I saw it, I got excited (and a little nervous) and I decided to do it! So, for better of for worse, you'll be seeing a lot of me in your feed this week. Follow along, be entertained, and if you have a blog, join the fun!!

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