Sunday, January 12, 2014

3 days post-op: not as bad as yesterday

Today was not as bad as yesterday. We didn't really get any sleep last night. Alex has been so great and sitting and rocking Johnny for hours during the night so we can both sleep. I mentioned to our nurse last night that we co-sleep at home so Johnny is not used to sleeping by himself. She said that we might be able to get a bed instead of the crib so that I can sleep with him. I didn't think that co-sleeping was an option in the hospital so I didn't even ask. She said they don't encourage it, and it kind of goes nurse by nurse, but that we should do what we do at home. 

Later that day they switched out the crib for a bed and Johnny and I took a nap together and he slept so well. I'm hoping that we will all get some sleep tonight. 

Johnny was pretty irritable this morning, and I just got the feeling that he was wanting to nurse. We tried just a few swallows and I cut him off. He seemed really mad about that and just kept fussing. The surgeon said if he really wants it then his stomach can probably handle it. So I nursed him a few minutes more and he seemed content with that much. An hour went by and he was still fine. We did a second feeding and still he was fine! We did four small feedings total. After the fourth he looked like he was starting to get uncomfortable, grunting and groaning and twisting and not settling down. He threw up just a little, but his belly was looking a little distended so we decided to call it quits on feedings for today. 

Today was a little better than yesterday. Johnny threw up one more time but I think more food stayed in than came out. He get's very bloated and gassy and crampy, and has the distended belly, which is all common after undergoing this surgery.  It's hard to watch him be in a constant state of discomfort, so we ended up giving him another dose of morphine this evening. He's still a little dehydrated from all the vomiting yesterday so they have upped his Iv fluids a little more. Progress is slow, but I think we are moving in the right direction. 

Prayer requests:
-We could all use a good nights rest!

-that Johnny's belly would not be distended and that he would be able to get all his gas out. 

-that he would continue to pass stool and make more yet diapers. 

-that he would tolerate feedings tomorrow even better than today. 

Thanks guys! Now I gotta go co-sleep with my baby!

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