Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beginnings: Why a Blog?

It's 9:35 at night. I'm in bed next to my sleeping three-month-old. My left arm has the pins and needles from rocking Johnny for the last 20 minutes. My husband is down stairs studying for an exam. I am super tired because Johnny woke up at 5:30 this morning.  And I am starting this blog. 

Why a blog? Is this really the best time to start a blog? When I don't even have time to shower? When I do have free time I should probably, oh you know, eat. Or sleep. 

I love being home with my baby. I'm so glad Alex and I decided to live on (basically) one income. I love getting to see all the growing and changing our baby is doing, and I love playing games with him and singing songs to him and watching him sleep. At the same time it's also nice to feel like I have participated in the adult world for a little while each day, or to get something productive or creative done, even if it's just a load of laundry or a few rows of knitting. That's why I'm starting this blog. To participate in the adult world and to do something creative and stimulating. I noticed there's a mobile app. That means I could blog while breastfeeding!

9:51. I'm done. Good night! 

1 comment:

  1. This. This is exactly why I decided to start blogging. It can be very isolating being home with babies, even if you get out and do stuff each day. It is so nice to read about another woman going through it too!


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